Apr 10, 2020
Stay At Home says the Rain | shortfilm made within the house | Corona | Lockdown | Quarantine

We are in the biggest testing time of our generation. We all hope this will too pass away and good times are ahead of us.

I started my career as a Photographer, I would consider myself as a learning expert when it comes to Photography and Editing. But I have always distanced myself from Video and its production. Couple of reasons, I did get dedicated time to sit and dive deep into Videography and Post production. I always leave it to my team and only be a creative director for all the video production. Hence during this lockdown, I personally took a challenge to address my fear and ignorance with video production. Here is my first production within the home.

Summer rains are always refreshing, esp the first rain in the midst of all the heat. This rain was special as it was a symbol of hope for all the uncertainty that lies ahead.

Camera: Nikon Z6
Lens: 85mm f/1.8 & 50mm f/1.8
Edited: Premiere Pro