May 16, 2015
Sowntherya + Badri - a couple shoot in Bangalore

Meet Sowntherya and Badri, engineers at Redbus who met at work, fell in love and decided to get married. I met my wife at work too, and hence the benign partiality :-) These are some of the pictures we shot at a Wineyard and at Bhoganandishwara Temple in Bangalore. A dream couple for every photographer is the one who pays attention to detail - the clothes they wear (I loved the colors Sowntherya and Badri chose to wear), the time of shoot (not too close to the wedding, but not too far from it either, you can see them extremely relaxed and excited in the pictures!), pre-shoot grooming sessions so they look their best and one who doesn't mind the many change of clothes! Sowntherya and Badri were truly wonderful people to work with. The weather didn't cooperate the first day, but the next day worked out great! Take a look :)