Nov 16, 2018
Kaasi Yathra - Last chance of Bachelorhood

Kaasi Yathra - last chance of bachelorhood. During the traditional tamil brahmin wedding, the bride groom sets of to his bramachariyam (aka bachelorhood) and decides to go away. But the bride's father stop him, convinces him to take his Daughters hand in marriage and bring the groom back.

In the modern day wedding, the groom sets off to leave the mandapam, followed by all the mela thalam. Brides father meets the groom and brings him back. Usually filled with lots of laughter and teasing. After accepting brides father's words the groom waits to see the bride to be. When the family and friends walk the bride to the groom. The first look is such a beautiful moment.

Here is a little Kaasi yathra story from @harinishreedhar and @sridhar.venkatesan wedding moments.

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